Black cat sitting on stone ledge

Cats Out of the Bag

I look deep into the gold eyes of my mini, black panther, Ambriel. She holds wisdom within her and I know she’s willing to share it. A purr of contentment relaxes us both as she curls up close on my chest to chat about what she’s been hiding.

Our animal and elemental kingdoms are intelligent and they are willing to work with us to help us grow and heal. I went on a communication journey throughout the four seasons in 2014 to access some information from various nature friends. The knowledge divulged was put into my book, Waves of Light. My intention is to reveal those messages to help bring balance and peace to all.

What have I learned the most from my Cat friends?

Curiosity is a natural part of our instincts ~ if we allow ourselves to explore, it helps us grow and play! It’s okay to make a mistake. Many of us hold on to a vice-like grip of fear that an error in judgment will have the power to defeat us in life. Cat shows us that being stealthily observant helps us become aware of that moment when pouncing into action is in accordance with right timing. If it turns out to be nothing more than an unpleasant learning experience then so be it ~ shake it off. Life goes on ~ we may or may not have nine lives to play with within our time span here, but a life fully lived with good intentions is a beneficial life.

I see a flash of stripes flash by my window. Porter, my adventuresome tabby, is running with the leaves. I’d love for you to get to know him and Ambriel. Below is a video I made revealing some individual messages from both of my precious kitties.

I’ve never made an Imovie before, but I have heard it’s the next big step for writers to include them with some of their blogs. Please excuse any mistakes ~ lol ~ I know the cats won’t mind!


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