The Lion and the Lamb

The Lion and the Lamb

Be as the lamb. I remember the joy that I had felt when those words were whispered in my ear by Spirit. I was in my upper twenties and had started practicing meditation and studying A Course in Miracles. The Course was helping me to learn to quiet my mind and connect with Higher Guidance

But, I wanted desperately to hear a voice. I wanted some Higher Being to tell me directly what to do. So I strained my ears and ended up with a painful double ear infection. It wasn’t until I let go of all expectation that I finally heard that oh so subtle message. It brought me to tears of gratitude. However, I had no idea what it meant.

Lambs are gentle by nature and are associated with innocence. So I attempted to become more lamblike. There were times that I used that notion to avoid confrontation. There were instances when I swallowed my opinion and ending up letting people take advantage of me in order not to rock the boat.

Be as the lioness! Another spiritual message was given to me. Lions are noted for their power and leadership as kings of the jungle. Hmm, being older and wiser at the time, I knew not to take the message too literally.

What I’ve come to believe is that both attributes are important to our spiritual development. I believe we are all innocent children of our Creator and should treat one another gently and with much love. Yet it is also important to stand up and speak our truth when the world needs a voice of reason. Not as a power play but as a powerful contribution to help others (and our world) to heal.

I also believe that we are at a time in history when many gentle, loving lightworkers are here to make powerful contributions. The age of persecution has passed ~ we are not lambs being led to the slaughter. We can get the work done of spreading loving healing energy while being protected by Beings of great Light who are helping us on High! Calling out for Higher Guidance and Protection gets us in touch with our truth ~ we are innocent and powerful! Let Spirit work through you, little lamb, and be a mighty lion for love!


Be as the Lamb and the Lion!


The Lion and the Lamb

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