Solar Eclipse

Sun Shadow ~ A Time of Power

The moon slowly caught up with the sun casting a dusty orange shadow across her face. My mother seems mesmerized, yet her eyebrows begin to twist. She scoops me up with such a swiftness it is as if that shadow whispered in her ear that it was time to run.

 This is a short excerpt from my book, Sun Shadow, taken from a part of the story where the main character, Rose, is having a flash back to a past life. In her current life, two little girls, one black and one white, disappear during a solar eclipse. The mystery and underlying forces that stir the air at such times has always fascinated me. So I included the power of the solar eclipse as a major theme in my book.

There have been old omens of destruction and demonic influence from many traditions, in relation to the power of a solar eclipse. Old folklore from various cultures has portrayed giant frogs, fighting dogs, dragons or serpents devouring the sun. Nordics even blamed the wolf for the consumption, which saddens me because wolves seem to get a bad rap in many a tale, and I love wolves. A myth from some indigenous people who live in the northwest claim that there was a bear who fought with the sun, who ended up taking a bite out of it. Then that big, bad bear fought with the moon too and took another bite. And that is why we also have lunar eclipses.

There are other myths that tell of heightened power and nature’s ability to bring in cosmic balance. These too are associated with the darkening of the sun by the moon’s passage. One story is that planting seeds at this time produces healthier and more colorful plants. It makes good sense to me to hold the intention to use this powerful time to spread more love throughout the world!

The darkness created by the moon seems very symbolic. I believe the power of the moon has a subconscious pull on our minds. That which is hidden in shadow can be brought to light. When material is brought to the surface it can then be acknowledged and dealt with in healthy ways. Keep what is beneficial and release anything that does not serve our own, or our planet’s, highest good.

As with all power, it depends how we use it. If we have an ill intent then we’ll use the power destructively. But, if our intentions are good, then we can be a mighty force to make positive changes in the world during an eclipse. Social, political and racial injustices seem to be going through a phase of massive exposure. My hope is that we use this time to irradiate old patterns of injustice. It is the Age of Aquarius right now ~ let our work be towards caring for the well-being of all who live here!

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