Door to Heaven

The Door to Heaven

The door to heaven resides in our hearts. To open it we must put our attention there. Breathe slow and deep. The energy will build as if the soft powers of angel’s wings have created the necessary breeze. Love will pour out from within us in waves of light ~ if it is our will to do so.

We tend to forget that we are magnificent Beings of Light. We’ve forgotten our origin and so believe that chaos and stress can rule our day. Yet that is not how our Creator intended us to exist. Born from a Source of love, we have the power to remain in that state if we so choose.

Not so easy, you may say, when we bear witness to the horrific suffering that encircles the globe. I agree. Yet, I also know that there is another way to be here and not get caught up in the fear. It is to surrender all that we feel that is not of love. It is the willingness to be the true love that we are and to share it with all others ~ that is the key to our own peace of mind.

An every day practice of connecting to the love that lives within us can keep us in our natural state. Then no matter where we are or what seems to be happening, we can connect to the power of love more readily. If what we come across seems to be disturbing, we can then refocus on our heart center and whisper ~ the door to heaven is open now. Then let love pour through every fiber of your Being and flow out to whoever else is involved.

If you are uncomfortable with becoming present and focusing on your heart, know that it does take time and effort for it to become a natural practice. Sometimes when we let ourselves become quiet, disturbing thoughts from the ego part of our mind may surface. So be it. That’s the perfect time to acknowledge that which you’re willing to let go of. Thoughts and their corresponding feelings are part of our free will choice. Hand what you don’t want over to Spirit and let yourself go back to re-focusing on the love in your heart.

Whether it is the disturbing thoughts from our own life events or the sadness over global disasters that grab our attention, we can use that information as an opportunity to be of service to the world. For when we clear a negative pattern from ourselves ~ we make it easier for all others who are experiencing that same energy to let go of it. Know that this is important work that you are doing and we are all grateful for your help.

Remember that we are all either emitting positive or negative energy at all times. Don’t get discouraged when you have a bad moment. Instead, use what you’re dealing with as a way to be a healing force. Surrender it and open the door. When we choose to open the door to the heaven that resides in our heart ~ we create good health for ourselves, we more easily get in touch with our passionate endeavors, and we benefit every other Being that we share this world with!

The door to heaven lives within us ~ may we all choose to keep it open!!!


Door to Heaven

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