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Shape Shifter

Nature calls to us and suddenly we are present. It may be the sharp caw of a crow that grabs our attention, or perhaps we spot a newborn fawn by the side of a creek. In that moment, all noisy thoughts disappear and we connect with whomever is with us.

Listening to their messages may be important. To know what they are trying to communicate at a deeper level, try becoming a shape shifter. Be still and ask for permission to blend. Then let your spirit enter into the form of the one beckoning you. What is your sense of their fundamental nature?

Can you imagine being inside the fur of wolf? You would likely gain knowledge of how to be a part of a team in a practical and loyal way. Merge with the essence of a tree and you may feel supported and grounded. Or float on the wind with butterfly to practice how it feels to be joyful even while going through life’s transitions. There are endless adventures to have, and knowledge to be gained, when we are willing to be at one with different parts of nature.

What about intermingling with a fellow human? “No way,” you may say, “our species isn’t always at it’s best!” I agree, and using great discernment to know when it would be beneficial is recommended. But, the old adage ~ to know someone is to walk in their shoes ~ can be very powerful.

I remember a young couple that was going through a divorce. They came to have some counseling sessions with me so that they could end their relationship in peace. But, all they did was try to out shout each other to get their points of view heard. Not having a lot of patience for that type of exchange, I told them to take off their shoes and stand up. Then I had them switch positions so that they were each literally standing in each other’s shoes. (Yes, he could only get his toes into the top part of her sandals and her feet drowned in his tennis shoes, and yes it was sort of cute). From there I had them imagine being their partner, complete with feeling their feelings and understanding their viewpoint. They then were told to express it (as if they really were their partner) ~ which led to telling each other’s side of the story. Powerful insights were gained and tears were shed. The marriage ended with compassion and both parties finally felt understood.

To deeply understand someone’s worldview does not mean you have to agree with it or become like him or her. And it’s appropriate to shake off someone else’s negativity as well as our own. But, the knowledge gained by knowing why someone thinks and behaves the way they do is very likely to lead to compassion. Compassion is love and we are all of that essence ~ be it human or lake or owl. It is our natural state of being!

Our nature friends have much to show us about how to live peacefully in a state of balance. Their essence is our essence ~ without the baggage of sadness, anger and fear. Mostly, they only experience those emotions when human interference intrudes upon their existence. But if we come to them with an open heart, willing to learn, then they are more than happy to demonstrate the way to be! Shape shifting is a path of deep knowledge that enhances love.

Be a shape shifter to learn about the many diverse forms of life we share our world with. Many species have much wisdom to offer us. May we all take what we learn to create an exciting, loving adventure that benefits us all. 

Shape Shifter

We can go on shape shifting journeys by calling to the essence of someone we are drawn to when we are out in nature ~ or within our imagination when their physical presence is not with us!

  1. Call to whomever you would like to be with
  2. Sense their presence
  3. Ask permission to join with them
  4. Be still and breathe deep
  5. Feel your energy merging
  6. Let yourself know what it feels like to be them ~ to know what they know!
  7. Give respect and gratitude

My book, Waves of Light ~ Messages from Nature to Heal our Planet, gives many insights from the point of view of other species. May you read it to inspire your own adventure into nature’s mystical places!   To view on Amazon:  Click Here

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