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Happy Divine Mother’s Day!

In stillness, a creative spark was born deep within the womb of Divine Mother ~ it is You ~ precious, loved and nurtured. We may have forgotten our origin, but the gift remains. And so we spread this love throughout all of creation, knowing that as we spread nurturing sustenance, we enhance the joy that is there for all.

Feminine energy is important for balancing our own state of well-being and bringing our planet back to a place of harmony for all. It doesn’t matter if you were born into a male body or a female one. We all have a feminine essence within that is vital to our existence. Honoring our feminine qualities enhances our ability to live a peaceful, productive life. For when we go within to create, we then give birth and utilize our divine masculine energies in a fruitful way to complete our endeavors.

Gender inequality is a symptom of a dualistic thought pattern. To believe that males are more valuable than females is to not understand the hidden treasures we were given. We are all both male and female on the inside and can call upon those traits when they are needed at any time.

Not getting in touch with our intuitive mind and connecting with our loving spirit can lead to a life of greed, gluttony, and war (regardless of which body gender you happen to be in). Then the male energy runs over anything that gets in its way and devastation results. On the other hand, sitting in unaware passivity when we need to get moving, only serves to keep us stuck in the muck. It is the masculine, logical part of our mind that takes action and gets the job done. That is why both energies need to be understood, valued, and utilized in a complimentary manner.

We have entered into the age of Aquarius ~ the return of awareness of the Divine Feminine. Though this cycle in our story here on Earth has barely begun, it holds a promise of bringing back balance over the next 2000 years. All the chaos that seems to be happening ~ is bringing to the surface of our minds all that needs to be released ~ if peace on Earth is to be manifested.

We all can be a part of the renaissance right now! Before engaging in any course of action, go within. Let love pour through your heart and be at peace. Ask to connect with your Divine Essence or Source (Mother/Father, God/Goddess ~ or by whatever name you call that which created You!). Listen ~ though may not hear a thing. It doesn’t matter. They heard you and witnessed your willingness to be guided to the right course of action. Trust that you’ll be shown the way. Then summon your wonderful masculine energy and move onward.

May you all have a very Divine Mother’s Day!!!

The books I write are very much about bringing awareness of the Divine Feminine back into our consciousness. Waves of Light is my non-fiction book that has much healing information revealed as I take a walk through nature. My fiction series is The Priestess Tales ~ same intention, but an added entertainment factor. I want to honor the feminine forms of healing that are ancient and powerful. Throughout history, healing gifts have been thwarted, but now is the perfect time for the reemergence!

In honor of Mother’s Day, I am offering my newest book Sun Shadow (Kindle edition) to you for less than half price. In many ways it is a story about motherhood. Rose, who did not bear children of her own, is given the opportunity to take care of two little girls for the summer. When the children (one black and one white) disappear; much fear arises. It is only with the utilization of feminine gifts that progress is made. I hope you enjoy the story!

I saw this soon-to-be Mama in the woods this week & my heart melted!

Divine Mother's Day
Divine Mother’s Day!

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