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Magic vs Miracles ~ Creating Peace Within

The moaning started a half hour before she was due for her next morphine injection. I knew it would keep building until an abusive line of profanities echoed down the hallway. I was intimidated, so right on time, I burst into her room and immediately jabbed the needle into her backside. Twenty minutes later, I checked on her and her eyes were glassed over. She smiled sweetly and told me what a wonderful nurse I was.

Did a miracle occur? Not permanently. Did the magic morphine reduce her pain? No. So, what just happened? It was the 1980s, a time when it was legal to administer placebos to drug addicts. If I had not drawn up the saline water into the syringe myself, I may never have discovered this truth ~ beliefs have the power to alter our physical reality.

Believe something without a doubt and it’s likely to come true. But is that magic or miracles at the core? And why does healing seem so complicated? What I’ve come to believe is that magic is the form that we use to reduce or eliminate our symptoms. Some people like a scientific approach, and so they take the pills that they believe will benefit them via altering their body chemistry. Other people believe medication will cause them more harm than good, and so they use natural methods, such as walking in nature, where they can take in fresh air and sunshine to help unwanted symptoms to disappear. Alternative healing methods are becoming mainstream and our options are plentiful. Choose the form/method you most believe in. The miracle is our ability to feel good again, and to move forward with an essence of peace and love regardless of which magic forms we chose to help accomplish this.

However, to sustain a healthy state of being it serves our best interests to deal with root causes. Are we living a lifestyle that is causing undo stress? Are we holding on to toxic beliefs about others instead of working toward forgiveness? Are we indulging in poor emotional or physical self-care? Are we willing to learn from our mistakes and challenges or does it seem easier to stick to the blame game?

Be willing to take an honest assessment of where your weaknesses lie. Miracles are associated with a Higher Power for a reason. We often can’t move forward all on our own. But we are not alone. There is a Spirit part of us that was created in perfection and knows how to help us to heal. Be willing to ask this part (or any loving being you pray to) for help to move forward in your life and the spiritual development you achieve will be yours forever.

The physical body is not permanent anyway, so even if it’s time to let it go, healing of the mind will give us an important accomplishment even as we move on to other realities.

My hope for that patient I took care of so very long ago is that she found her way to peace without having to have sharp objects injected into her buttocks. I hope she was able to look at the painful parts of her life with honesty and that she developed a willingness to let Spirit help her move beyond them.

May you use the power of your mind in cooperation with your Spirit to endow your healing methods with great magic to create miracles in your life! The miracle is our ability to move into states of love, peace and joy. Magic is just the temporary form we use to help us to get there.

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