Waves of Light

Still Waters Run Deep

“You’re quiet,” my friend announced to a group of ten-year old girls (decades ago).

All eyes on me, I froze. To say nothing would emphasize her point. To deny it would be to lie. I was being criticized for something that was true, and my face burned red.

The kind eyes of my friend’s mother winked at me. “Still waters run deep,” she said. Though no one understood what she meant, it felt like she explained things in a good way. We resumed playing.

Years later I figured out what a high compliment I had been given. To this day, I notice that whenever an introvert speaks-up in a group, people tend to listen closely. This is the personality type that is known to think about things for a while before offering an opinion. They seldom raise their voice or become argumentative, and they generally stimulate thoughtful conversation.

Though we all love being entertained by the extroverts of the world, both personality types should be viewed as having valuable roles to play. Not everyone thrives on being the center of attention, and not everyone has the tolerance to stand in the background when a gathering of people is present. What’s important to me is that individuals remain true to themselves, so that they feel good about their own innate nature.

That said; I also believe that everyone would benefit from learning to enter into quiet inner places. Diving deep into stillness is where the voice of Spirit lives. When we go into listening mode during a meditation, we are given creative impulses and divine guidance. When called upon, a restorative Presence can bring us to a place of profound peace. Then we are healthier and can bring out our best offerings to the world ~ whether we burst onto the scene, or we beam a gentle, sunny light from the corner of the room.

May you dive deep into calm waters and let joy bubble all around you as you surface! Blessings be to the extroverts and the introverts of the world!

Waves of Light

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