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Man ~ It’s a Great Time to be a Woman

Well, this is awkward; we’re approaching Father’s Day and all I want to do is celebrate Hillary. Watching her speak, after becoming the first female presidential nominee, tears sprang to my eyes. She showed both power and grace. My emotional response surprised me.

Maybe it has to do with the free HBO promotion I was given. I decided to see what all the hoopla was about for the Game of Thrones series I had heard so much about. After getting hooked into the drama, I went on a marathon TV binge as I only had a limited amount of time to catch up on all the seasons. Whether the character was wench or queen, women were degraded in show after show. The fast forward button on the remote helped, but the historical truth is painful to know.

However, I do want to honor masculine energy. It is the driving force that gets things done in the world. Other characteristics associated with masculine traits are intellect, logic, and goal-oriented focus ~ qualities that are needed in a leadership position. These are abilities that we all have within us, to varying degrees, regardless of our gender.

Perhaps that is why I am so proud to have Hillary as our first, and very powerful, female candidate for president of the United States. She possesses these qualities. She has a keen intellect, retains the focus to bring important issues to light, and is experienced in getting difficult tasks accomplished. She wasn’t given this position to ride along on the arm of a man who was trying to win women over to further his own agenda. Hillary earned the position by utilizing her masculine abilities to our benefit. Plus, she offers so much more ~ her feminine side is evident as she demonstrates in her empathetic care for others who are less fortunate.

It is the balancing of masculine qualities with our female side that brings stability to the world. And it is peace that is very much needed at this time. Let duality consciousness fade away between the genders and everywhere else that it brings heartbreaking devastation.

What are the feminine characteristics that are so beneficial and needed at this time? Compassion, intuitive knowing, using the mind in quiet times to see the big picture, and being able to multi-task to name a few. Qualities we all have within us that need to be valued regardless of what gender we happen to be born into.

So, let’s commemorate the divine masculine gifts we all have and give our feminine traits equal acknowledgement. When we understand the important role of both the male and female energies that abide within us, we are better able to walk in balance and accomplish great feats. Let no one be limited by gender. Now that’s something to celebrate!


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