Waves of Light

Hello, My Angel

How thoughtful you are to rub up against me like a soft blanket on a cool night. Whenever I call your name ~ the very air becomes flavored with the scent of heaven’s garden. I breathe deep your essence as if I too can be transformed into angel dust, from the inside, as you fill my cells with tender love. Such is the comfort you bring deep to my soul.Nothing bad can touch me now. Fury and hurt dissolve into an unidentified past like bubbles floating to the top of water. Purity flows out of my pores to all who cross my path; be it bird or flower or human ~ whoever is in need of life’s honey. Gifts given from joyful unseen encounters heal all who join with us here.

You’ve been with me for eons; every incarnation I so chose to come here, you’ve been watching over me. Your commitment and service is impressive. Protecting me, guiding me, bringing me the sense that I am not all alone here ~ for this I send you waves of kisses and hugs.

Here’s the deal ~ be born on Earth and you are given your own personal Angel to see you through it. This is true for everybody ~ no one is left out. There’s a catch though; you must ask for help when desired. They would never interfere with your free will. Developing a close relationship during times of ease enhances the connection, so that you get to know one another better. Then when you need Him or Her most, you’ll feel confident in the blessings that come your way!

Try it now. Ask to be aware of your Guardian Angel. Get quiet as if someone were about to reveal a long lost secret to you. Observe what you feel, smell, hear and see. Ask for their name. Give warm regards. Remember!

Waves of Light

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