Sooo Spiritual

Ahh, the golden spiritual path ~ where all our dreams instantly manifest and our well-fed Buddha bellies bobble up and down as we laugh in the face of challenges. Nothing but love can penetrate our mighty aura shields, and laser beams bolt from our eyes as we see only shining light living within our brothers and sisters no matter what their behavior happens to be.

Not there yet? Does it mean you are failing to walk the spiritual path? Hell no! Opps, there slides my halo as profanity sneaks past my lips before I can bite it back and pretend I’m way to spiritual for such a graphic response.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe we should actively strive to think, feel and act as the angels do ~ with pure love. “Oh goody, here comes little miss sunshine.” That’s what one of the other nurses used to say to me long ago when I worked at the hospital and strived to always bring positive energy into every situation. She would even stick her finger in her cheek to create a dimple as she made a clicking sound to over-emphasize a fake smile.

Of course that one little comment made me feel like slapping her ~ leaving me to feel not sooo spiritual after all. What I’ve come to believe is that we are not less spiritual when anger, fear or any other undesirable emotion surfaces. Walking the spiritual path is simply a recognition that we have a choice as to what we do with the human emotions when they surface, and the willingness to work it through until we once again connect with the divine loving spirit we really are.

Here are some steps to take to help you return to the place of spiritual truth ~ the feeling of divine peace that we all hold deep within us:

  1. Notice when you are not at peace.
  2. Feel and name the emotion.
  3. Allow the thoughts/beliefs behind the emotion to surface.
  4. Express your thoughts and emotions in a healthy way (aka ~ not attacking others)
  5. Realize that it is peace that you really desire deep within and be willing to let go of whatever is standing in the way.
  6. Ask for help to attain peace from whatever connection you have in spirit world and trust that it is very powerful assistance.
  7. Realize that this process is the road to being sooo spiritual.

It’s wonderful to actively strive to be as enlightened as was described in the first paragraph. But, let go of any self-recrimination when it doesn’t spontaneously happen. Instead, congratulate yourself for having the awareness and willingness to work through a tough situation. Now that truly is sooo spiritual.

When I left my job at the hospital, that very same nurse that used to give me a hard time for my sunshiny disposition told me she was sad to see me go ~ that she always felt better working on the days when I was there. I appreciated what she had to say and was glad to know my efforts did have a positive effect. I also remember having the urge to stick my finger in my cheek, flash a big false smile and say, “no more little miss sunshine for you – huh!”

Yikes ~ I’m so glad that I can be sooo spiritual just by realizing that I am a human being that still has work to do to let go of hurtful thoughts and emotions from my ego. I will keep attempting to be a loving presence that brings peace to every situation I find myself in, and I’m glad I know what to do when I am not at peace. I am grateful to be walking the spiritual path!



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