Past Lives

The deep yearning within our soul to complete that, which needs healing, follows us into multiple lifetimes. Lessons from love found and lost haunts our dream life as if forming images of completion in the ethers can pin it to the reality we are currently dancing in. And yet ~ isn’t that what soul completion is truly about ~ the growth we gain through relationships until all is healed within our own mind and heart?

I wrote a book titled The Full Mood: A Priestess Tale back in the 1990s when I was emerged in discovering some of my own past-life material in hope of uncovering answers to some of my relationship drama. What I found was that there was a wealth of information that had been lying just below the surface of my conscious memory. The awareness of what had taken place in the past made what was happening in my present life make more sense. What stands out for me is that forgiveness is the only path to health on all levels ~ for unless we carry peace in our hearts, we will always be seeking ways to balance injustices that will keep us circling around our thoughts like a hamster running on a wheel.

The characters in our little life dramas may or may not change. The setting in which our life play is taking place may be familiar or seem new. We may switch roles in order to gain a perspective that needs to be experienced fully before compassion emerges. But the protagonist remains the same. We are our own star on the stage, acting out our own story. If we want a happy ending we will need to learn how to love ~ how to look through the lenses so that love shines on all who are participating in this tale. Then the show will finally be over ~ we will discover who we really are as a pure love spirit, and that everyone else is too. And they all lived happily ever after!

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