Stinky Love

Competition, disloyalty, revenge ~ all words that have been uttered in the same phrase as love. The gallant knight competes in a joust and wins the fair hand of a beloved lady. The lady fancies the horse groomer and makes passionate love with him when a sudden storm forces them to hole up in the stable for a night. In a fit of jilted rage a plot is spun to punish those to whom love was professed. And so the story goes on and on for eons ~ very entertaining actually, but not real love.

The truth is ~ love does not hurt. Love is powerful and love is eternal!

Betrayal and abandonment may hurt because we believe that the source of love comes from receiving love in a particular manner from a particular person. But that is just a life situation that is causing us pain when love is seen as being thwarted. True love that has been expressed between people lives on forever, even when harsher circumstances step in to cover-up what was once a beautiful encounter. Perhaps that is why unfinished business from past-lives tend to show-up in the form of particular people entering our lives who seem wonderfully exciting, only to later have it be revealed as simply a learning situation in which compassion and forgiveness are shown to be the real opportunity presented. Love cannot turn into hate, but other rough emotions loom large when what we perceive we need is taken away.

No matter ~ you still get to keep the love that transpired. Love is powerful and love is eternal!

Enjoy the romance of life when it presents itself, grieve any life situation and the people involved when it seems that the story is heading in another direction, try and let go of the experience with grace, and be grateful that you get to keep all the love that transpired deep in your heart forever. Then focus on your own heart and call to the one who created you. Know that this is the source of true love and there is an infinite supply within you always. You are never alone ~ especially when you are hurting.

Love is who you really are and will forever be! Love is powerful and love is eternal!

Waves of Light

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