It’s the forth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day in the United States. I’m in the north woods of Wisconsin on a holiday break with extended family. As I sip my hot coffee with a good witchy-type book on my lap, I look out over the lake water and think that life couldn’t get much better than this moment in time. Wrong. A low-flying bald eagle flies along the shoreline looking for her lunch. Nonchalantly, she settles in the branch of the dead birch tree above my head pretending she knows nothing about how I look for signs from nature to bring me messages.

Slowly she makes eye contact with me ~ no doubt waiting for my breath to contain its excitement. The flicker in her eye acknowledges my presence and neither one of us show further movement. Silently I tell her how honored I am to be in her company. Patiently, she sends me her love as I bask in her magnificence.

The bald eagle is our national bird and the only eagle unique to North America. Connecting with her on this particular holiday is of great significance. Knowing we had hunted her to near extinction and yet she chooses to sit above me tells me we have much to hope for. The message shows both forgiveness for our human errors and optimism that the natural world can be restored to the pristine form it was created to be. I know she has more to tell me so I let her know I will connect with her Akashic Records for more information soon.

Would it be okay if I took your picture now? Still watching me intently, her wings begin to ruffle as she prepares to take flight. Then she pauses. I raise my camera phone slowly and click twice. She leaps from the branch and heads deeper into the woods. Send me your messages ~ I’m listening intently!

Messages from Bald Eagle:

Life is returning to the pristine places ~ work must still be done to make it so. We watch over the world from high places. We see Spirit, know ourselves to be Spirit, and know Spirit dwells within all.

All power resides within and can take you on journeys of beauty. Soar into the ethers and land in places yet remembered. Eyes that are unaccustomed to blend with the magnificent do not see these places ~ though eyes are opening now. Mountain, lake, tree and many others know of this. Humans are waking-up in numbers. Some do see and are showing others how to be attuned ~ we help with the attunement to the spirit realms and lead the way through the mists.

The mystery is where true life rises to celebrate all of creation ~ to feel ecstasy as the easy path of knowing ~ all is accepted and loved. The false falls away in a gentle bath much like the mists upon the water ~ dissolved in nurturing and cleansing vapors. Movement to higher places is known in the brilliance of blazing light reflected.  

Nothing is difficult; nothing is mundane when you’re awake with Spirit. Feel that power within you. Let it direct you to the high places you must first visit in your sleep before all eyes blink open in the flash of true knowing ~ true being ~ true connection with Source.

Tw Eagle

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