Shadow figure walking on the beach remembering past-life.

A Time to Remember ~ Altering Past Life Memories May Lead Us Home

I walk along the beach to savor the last view of the Mediterranean Sea before our bus leaves to take us back to the US. When I look down at my hands, I’m startled to see how very dark they look. Suddenly, I’m a tall black lady wearing a red loose dress. Then all goes fuzzy until my friend is pulling on my arm asking what’s wrong with me. The best I can tell her is that I’m not feeling like myself. She manages to get my shorter, blue-eyed body to the bus on time, but I feel very weird.

The year was 1975 and I was almost 17 years old. I had no particular spiritual beliefs at the time and had not thought much about the concept of past lives. It wasn’t until I was in the later part of my 30s that I discovered more information about that lifetime (and numerous others) during a two-year period via advanced hypnotherapy training.

Spontaneous past life memories are rare for me, but I was able to gather more details during the regression. Turns out I had been an island girl who had been captured by some Spanish men on the day of my wedding no less. Though taken as a slave, the family who purchased me was kind. I resigned myself to a life of service and was shown scenes where I enjoyed taking care of numerous children. When I grew old, I was in turn well cared for by the ones who loved me as a mother figure.

When I went to the in-between life review (which is essential in any past-life regression) I realized that I had gained the knowledge of how to give without expectation of receiving anything in return. I was then able to forgive the ones who had up-ended my life during that time period.

Lessons well learned need not be repeated. There have been many other life reviews. Some, well ~ let’s just say I wasn’t portrayed as a stellar person. The good news is that, whether I played the role of victim or perpetrator, I was able to correct any mistakes made and to forgive any others who participated in the drama.

This is because of the quantum physics thing ~ you know ~ all time happening now. We only focus on one lifetime, at a time, because it’s the best way to learn, but essentially we are all serial dreamers in this world. During a past-life regression it is possible to undo a troublesome scene by making better choices, realizing benefits of what we are meant to learn at the time, and forgiving all involved. Essentially this is a way to save time by not having to relive a blown lesson in the present or seemingly future. It is our willingness to take full responsibility for all our experiences that can help us advance spiritually.

Our eternal Spirit Self is still perfect and safe living in the real world with our Creator. We fell asleep when we had the insane idea of wanting to be more powerful than our Creator. Hence we made up this alternate world of duality in which we think we abide with sickness, war and death scenarios. A Course in Miracles, which is the spiritual path I follow, assures us we can wake-up to the truth of our perfection by undoing our negative ego thoughts. Our loving Creator, being pure love, has nothing to do with this hellish dream world we made up via our free will choices. Only when we give up our dualistic ego thoughts will our minds be completely healed. Then we will remember the truth of who we really are ~ loving Spirit who uses our powerful mind to create only the blessed and the beautiful!

The good news is that we can wake-up sooner by correcting all our errors. This entails cleaning up our act in our everyday existence, and forgiving our selves and all others for any mistakes made in this lifetime or any other. Our subconscious mind carries the memories of our deepest woes. But, whether a karmic encounter is occurring in our current life, we have a spontaneous memory of a past life, or we undergo a hypnotic regression ~ we can make a better choice in how we react to the circumstance and how we treat others. This undoes a whole lot of pain. We can use the power of choice to change the dream. This is how heaven on Earth is created so that we can take the final step and wake-up to our true reality ~ perfection!

Our minds must only contain love if we are to be awake in our real home. Heaven is a healed mind. When our mind is wholly healed then we will remember our Creator. Only love is real ~ it’s time to wake-up and go home.

Shadow figure walking on the beach remembering past-life.

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