Nature Fairy

I reach into the soil to break up the clumps of dirt in the window boxes lining my porch. Ambriel watches me intently as I plant deep purple, brilliant white, and rose-colored Wave Petunias in the right positions so that later in the summer a cascade of flowers will spill down the rails. As I sprinkle an abundance of water on them to soothe the root system, thoughts of nature devas and fairies come to mind. I invite them to communicate with me with deep appreciation for the service they bring to the world.

They assure me that they are here and aware of my efforts to treat plant world with love and respect. Their essence feels so light and pure ~ much like Butterfly and Hummingbird. I decide to open their Akashic Records to gain more direct information.

What would you like us most to know?

We don’t often focus our attention on the humans ~ though we send you our love! We do applaud the shift in consciousness happening within the human mind to once again rediscover the value and service of plant world.

Just as the lightworkers are here in great numbers to restore the higher vibrational frequencies ~ so too are we here in loving participation in the restoration back to a paradise existence for all. It is our highest service. Our work is not dependent on human participation, as we love to attend to the wild places. We do venture into communities to set about our work and to aid in undoing damage put in motion by human error. In this regard we work together when called.

We work within the truth of doing that, which brings benefit to all. Turn your attention to be of service and the human mind will heal ~ will be at peace and participate in spreading joy.

We are smiling love upon you and your gardens. As you say ~ Blessings Be! 

I send my blessing back to them as I mull over their messages. Helping others does bring peace to our mind. We feel good about ourselves on a deep subconscious level when we do whatever mission we have been given as our part to fulfill here. Letting go of whatever fear or doubt holds us back is key. Striving to do tasks for personal gain can be satisfying on the surface of things, but deep inner peace prevails when we endeavor to help others.

I let myself feel what it is like for Fairy to happily go about her business while letting joy pour forth to bless all at every moment. This is our true human nature as well. We’ll remember it when we realize that we are Spirit simply taking on a temporary human form. This is the essence of all life forms. Ambriel feels it too as she stretches out her cat form on the porch ~ a knowing look in her eyes.

Ambriel and the Fairies
Ambriel and the Fairies

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