Gentle Strength

The air is soft and carries the expectancy of violet and crab apple blossoms. I’m so absorbed in nature that I’m startled to see a police vehicle sneaking up on me as I glance over my shoulder while I make my way along the wood-lined bike path.

Motor run vehicles are not allowed on this path so the officer drives slowly until he’s by my side. He smiles and roles down the window. Then he shakes his head as he points to the graffiti that spells out “why am I unhappy?” in small, black-lettered spray paint. I remember from my walk the previous day, that farther down the path there is another, larger message that states, “I AM NOT OK.”

The young, handsome officer does not complain about the crime. Instead he makes small talk. I tell him it is sad that someone feels so unhappy that they would mark-up a beautiful nature trail. What surprises me the most is what the officer tells me next. “Well, I can’t help him, if I can’t find him,” he says with a gravelly tone to his voice.

His sincerity is genuine and makes my heart fill-up with compassion. So much has been in the news lately about police brutality. I imagine how difficult it must be, in some circumstances, to find the balance to help people without causing unnecessary harm when they seem not to cooperate. Prejudice needs to be eradicated and it is important that unfair treatment be brought to light. How wonderful it is that video cameras are so prevalent that unjust treatment is being made known. But, as stressful as the job of protecting society must be, I still believe that most police officers hold the intention to be of service to the innocent, and strive to partake in acts of heroism to serve their communities. How difficult it must be to help all involved, including the ones who are hurting so badly that they believe a life of crime is their best option for survival.

As the police vehicle slowly drives away, I send love to the officer and to whomever wrote those desperate messages. Just a few feet away from the larger message, I cross over a little wooden bridge that has a perky creek flowing under it. If only the graffiti person would have sat right here and dangled his legs over the water. He could have surrendered his anguish and let the creek carry his woes away. If only he knew that opening his five senses to the beautiful elements all around him would have soothed his soul and opened his heart and mind to new possibilities. I do believe that connecting to nature is the most healing endeavor we can partake in. When we are still and aware of our surroundings, we can surrender all that disturbs us. This puts us in connection with our own wise spirit within us who can lead our way to better circumstances.

Five doe walk by looking at me with deep understanding in those large, gentle eyes. Oh how I wish the graffiti messenger would have sat right here. The gentle strength of deer would have brought loving, nurturing energy to him.

Gentle Strength


Message from Deer:

It is gentleness we teach, and to be fully engaged in the joy of being. Use all of your five senses to be fully present to the life that is given. We watch the flowers as they burst into bloom with their fragrant enveloping charisma. We listen as water bubbles over the rocks on her merry journey to the lake. We feel the touch of the Earth’s breath as we engage in life throughout the days and nights.

Have sensory experiences with all of nature, love deeply and let go of that which is not of love when it arises. Turn back to the source of Creation. Remember that this source exists within the body at all times; until the body dissolves and we once again know each other in Spirit ~ our true form.

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