Healing Help

I get the same call from my mother that I have received many times before. “There’s something wrong with your father. I don’t know what to do.”

“I’ll be right there.”

As I drive the fifteen minutes it takes me to get to their house, I ask Spirit to please guide my thoughts, words and deeds so that I am truly helpful. It’s not always clear what to do for my father. He was once a healthy, athletic man. Now he is eighty years old. There has been a dramatic decline in his mental and physical health over the last ten years.

My mother’s voice is jittery as she tells me he’s been lying on the couch all day mumbling to who knows who. I take the stethoscope out of my purse and listen to his heart. It makes me smile to hear that strong, steady beat.

My parents have little interest in any form of alternative health practices. I have no desire to frighten them with energy healing methods they have no belief in. So I play my expected nurse role as I check his blood pressure and look for signs of dehydration and hypoxia. All seem to be within the range of what is normal for him.

My father turns his head to the side and says, “We should make Penny tell us what to do.”

“Who are you talking to Dad?”

He points to the television and says, “those two guys.”

My mother chimes in that maybe we should be dialing 911 in case he’s having a stroke.

His symptoms don’t really point to a stroke being the cause. I don’t really want to put him through the ordeal of bringing him to the hospital as they would likely put him through a gamut of testing and he is resistant to going anywhere. But something is definitely wrong with him. My guess is that he mixed-up his meds, or else he is simply getting ready to leave this world. The two “guys” he continues to converse with are likely a hallucination as I am not sensing any visitation from Spirit world.

I’m starting to feel uncomfortable in my caretaker position and try to check-in with the underlying thoughts I’m having. That old subconscious pattern of the fear of being blamed if things don’t turn out the way my parents would approve of briefly enters my awareness. If we make him go to the hospital, put him through tests, and nothing critically wrong is determined ~ it will be my fault. If we ride it out and he has a stroke in the middle of the night ~ it will be my fault.

These ego thoughts are getting in the way of my decision-making. I calm myself by telling my ego that this isn’t really about me and I refuse to let my mind be drudged into old family dynamics. “The past is gone. What should I do in this moment to be truly helpful?” In stillness, I wait for guidance from Spirit.

The answer is ~ put him to bed. He has already signed documentation that honors his request to die in peace. I realize that if that is what is to happen, I could live with that outcome. It would be a blessing to know his suffering in this world was over. I bravely voice my opinion to my parents.

A loud crack comes from the ceiling area and my mother and I both jump. Though I say nothing, I sense that my paternal grandmother has just entered the room. Suddenly everyone seems at peace. My mother makes a joke about ghosts. My father asks if we should all pray for him to have a massive stroke while he is asleep so he can be done with it all. So ensues a brief, but important, discussion about death.

I go home where I can sit and channel loving, healing energy to my father. Energy work is just as effective from a distance. The permission to give healing energy need only take place at the soul level and I sense my father is open to receiving. I pray that whatever is to his highest good happen for him. I still feel my grandmother’s presence and it comforts me.

Morning comes and I call my mother. “Oh, he’s just fine. We’re going to the store.”


Messages from Bat:

We do herald in times of great transition ~ birth, death and rebirth are not easy energies for most. They can be ~ surrender to Great Spirit during all transitions as it is Great Spirit who knows of best timing for all.Bat

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