Waves of Light


Feeling a bit restless lately? Been swinging from branch to branch wondering where you’ll end up? Welcome to the year of the fire monkey, which started on February 8th. According to the Chinese horoscope, events are assured to erupt bringing renovations to our lives and to the planet in major transformative ways!Couple that with the shift from the age of Pisces completing its transition to the age of Aquarius on January 18th of this year and you can absolutely feel the sizzle ~ higher frequencies of light abound!

Disconcerted though we may feel, know that this is forward movement on our evolutionary path. Chaos often precedes necessary positive change. So if the stories on the news or the tales we are entertaining in our own mind seem a bit volatile right now, know that it is partly due to the energy waves coming in.

We may feel an extra bit of edginess, but we still have the ability to rein-in our monkey mind and let the light shine through. The effort it takes to do this brings benefits to many, since at the subconscious level all minds are joined. Every time we replace our freaked-out ego thoughts with those of peace we are participating in helping to bring our world to the place of harmony.

Discordant energy can seem contagious at times, leading us into monkey see ~ monkey do scenarios. We need not actively indulge every image our eyes focus upon. Reminding ourselves that we can choose to breathe through the jitters, call to our Spiritual Source for assistance, and refocus our thoughts to those of contentment and service, can help us push through all the monkeyshines that appear to be happening.

The Earth is changing ~ we are changing! Be willing to see the light within everyone and every circumstance and we’ll all beam bright in the paradise we create together!


I like to check in with the Akashic Records to see what messages other forms of life have for us. Here is what Monkey would like us to know:

Be careful how you treat one another ~ you may some day need the love you so easily threw away. (No, we are not talking of Planet of the Apes type vengeance – ha!)

Play is necessary ~ it relieves stress. But, when it comes at the expense of another’s dignity, that is not play, that is distress ~ and we will screech dissatisfaction for all to hear. A prank is only funny when it causes no fear.

Use our example of how to live joyfully upon the Earth ~ bond with nature. We choose the path of unity into infinity and so should you ~ only then are you really free to swing from tree to tree.

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