Waves of Light

Spring Cleaning

Those fuzzy webs accumulating in the corners of my rooms are starting to creep down the walls. It’s not fun to clean them out, but if I want peace I know it should be done. However, that’s not what I’m referring to here. In my biz, it’s the pesky thoughts that keep recycling through our brain that is worth doing the mega house clearing. If we ignore our disturbing thoughts they may tend to squeal louder until we deal with them. Taking a hose to them in a yelling back scenario only tends to reinforce the whole debacle. So what’s a person to do?

Here’s my Spring Mind Clearing list.

  1. Determine whether you secretly like drama or prefer peace. If you choose peace, proceed.
  2. Get in touch with what you’re really feeling and define it. Most difficult emotions can be grouped under anger, sadness or fear. Notice if there are any physical symptoms in your body that are associated.
  3. Give it a voice. What is the first thing that aching in your stomach would say? “I’m mad as hell, it isn’t fair, so and so is such a jerk . . .” Express with the intention of letting go.
  4. Let all the thought patterns underneath the pain come to full consciousness for release. “I’m not good enough, the world is a frightening place, love doesn’t work here . . .” Notice if you’ve been carrying around any underlying beliefs about yourself or others that don’t serve your highest good.
  5. The only thing required here is true willingness. And yes forgiveness is the golden ticket to success. Be willing to see past your own and others failings.
  6. Call to someone bigger than yourself for assistance by whatever name you use for your connection to Source. Some issues seem so big and deep that we simply can’t clear it on our own. Put it in Spirit’s hands.
  7. Bring in a corrective experience. Visualize your heart center like a big bright sunshine and know that the source of unconditional love is within you always. Breathe deep love in and through your heart. If your issue goes back into childhood then see your inner-child and adult-self resting safely within your own heart ~ bathed in love and light.
  8. Feel your High Self Spirit (the part of you that lives beyond this little lifetime) connected with you in your heart. Let that higher part of you tell you the truth. “I am a bright, beautiful, loving, talented . . . Being deserving of much love!
  9. Let your High Self Spirit lead your life bringing joy and peace and many gifts to the world!

Ah, the robins are chirping, the air feels fresher, our minds and hearts are clear, and happiness oozes through every pore of our Being! Happy Spring Cleaning!!!

Waves of Light