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I vigorously shake my rattle skyward with the focused intention of merging with my Spirit guide. She fills me with the power of Wolf and my inner senses feel sharpened.

Lying down next to my fellow workshop attendee (shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, ankle to ankle) I begin my journey to the underworld. Midway, I encounter a stonewall and gingerly leap over it. Next, a rancid odor draws my attention. Hidden within a cavern, I spy a nest of parasites.

I emerge from the tunnel that led me to the underworld and sit up with my eyes half-closed. Using my hand to scan the body of my “client,” I pluck out the intrusions that I had noted earlier and toss them into the body of water I see in the distance from the window. There they dissolve into the nothingness from which they were born.

Spritzing my “client” in the face with water, I shake the rattle all around her head. In deep gratitude, I disengage from my Wolf guide, and give thanks for any healing that occurred on this day.

I’ve walked this Earthly sojourn learning many different healing techniques from a wide assortment of traditional and alternative approaches. I honor them all. The Shamanic approach to healing has a great deal of flare and power ~ what fun! However, being a gentle soul with a reserved personality, I know I won’t be using this modality often. But, if I get the intuitive hit that a particular client would benefit from that approach, then use it I will.

This is because I’ve come to believe that the secret ingredient to all healing is the belief that healing will occur. Whether it be a scalpel, an herb, a hypnotic regression, a beam of Reiki energy, or a Shamanic ritual that enhances a healing process ~ the real power is in belief. The knowledge that we are healed leads to peace and that is what matters.

The spiritual path I follow has given me faith that we are all holy and healed and very much loved in the real world. The real world exists in our minds ~ in the place where we are connected with the Source who created us. The world we see of pain, war and sickness is an illusion. Only love is real, no matter what it seems like we are enduring here. The body is a temporary communication device and will dissolve into nothingness at some point. Taking loving good care of others and ourselves is the path that can take us from distress to an awareness of health.

As a practitioner of the healing arts, I will use whatever bag of tricks I have to help people feel loved and healed. The method is not as important as is my ability to see the true Spirit within another and help them to see that truth too. May all ILLusions become visions of wholeness and truth.

Waves of Light

Only love is real ~ A Course in Miracles

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