gender equality

She ~ Awareness of Feminine Mysteries

I’m all for a conservation of time and space. So it bugs me that when we are referring to both males and females in a sentence, we say he or she, when including both genders. But, most people choose to shorten the sentence by leaving the she out entirely. I say, the dominant pronoun to be used in the name of word economy should be she.

The she word already contains the he word within it. Creation comes from the womb, a void of darkness, nurturing and warm. A spark of light takes form and an inner seed ~ saturated with loving, intuitive juices ~ is birthed into existence.

The Age of Aquarius, heralded as the era when the feminine mysteries are to be brought back into awareness, is just beginning. This is a time when the Earth is entering into a new processional rotation that lasts about 2,160 years. Corruption in our governments and corporations are being exposed. The old survival of the fittest and might makes right mentality must end. In order for humanity to proceed with integrity, the feminine traits of unity and nurturing care for all must be seen to be of value. This will help the planet return to the balance and harmony she desperately needs.

Our Creator, or Source, as some like to refer to her, goes by many names. It really doesn’t matter to me whom people pray to or give thanks to. I’ve even heard some call her Mother/Father God. In my quest to conserve word space I happen to like the word Goddess. There again, it already contains the male form ~ God.

My wise friend, Rosalynne, pointed out to me that the word God has been associated with retribution for sins by many religions, thereby spreading more fear in the world. The way of guilt and fear needs to end. I much rather think of our Source of Life as a Being of nurturing compassion ~ another good reason to refer to our Creator with female nouns and pronouns.

This isn’t male bashing by any means. When a man or a woman comes from a place of compassion, looking at the big picture of what is most sustainable, to help all people (and other forms of life) in a unified effort ~ they are using their feminine gifts. We all have them. Now is the time to see them in full light and bring back harmony to our world.

Before engaging in any major endeavor, take the time to be quiet and connect with Her. Surround yourself in loving, nurturing energy. Let your creative juices flow, and give birth to your visions. Then use your masculine gifts to get on your horse and ride out to get the job done! She will guide you every step of the way in a wave of light!

gender equality

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