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Achilles Heal

Brisels ~ Why did you choose this life ~ to be a great warrior?

Achilles ~ I chose nothing. I was born and this is what I am.  And yet Brisels (Priestess of Apollo, cousin of Hector of Troy) fell in love with him anyway, though he destroyed her country and brutally killed her cousin.

Perhaps it is love that is not the real choice? Love is. Love heals us. When we seem not to act lovingly, we suffer, until we choose for love once again.

Achilles’ Mother ~ I knew they would come for you to fight in Troy. I knew before you were born. They will write stories about your victories, but you will never come home ~ for your glory will walk hand in hand with your doom ~ and I shall never see you again. If you stay home you will have love and sons and daughters.

 The scene with his mother takes place before he made his decision to become the greatest Greek warrior who ever lived. A clear prophecy was given to him, by a person he trusted, yet the lust for fame and power proved the more tempting goal. It may not have felt like much of a choice to him, but choose he did. He took the path of adventure and blood shed over the ordinary.

Brisels ~ What do you want here in Troy?

Achilles ~ I want what all men want. I want more.

 Yet in the end, it was his great love for Brisels that led him to try and find her. He took an arrow to his Achilles heel, immobilizing him, which lead to his death.

Achilles last words to Brisels ~ You gave me peace in a lifetime of war.

 He paid a high price for glory. Love found him anyway at the end of his life ~ but the warrior within him needed to die. Achilles healed. Love was not his weakness ~ it was the only real reward to pursue. It was what he sought in the end.

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