Waves of Light

Body Animal

A longing to immerse myself into the pure places of nature lives deep within me. Breathing in vibrant oxygen and feeling the warmth of a gentle sun, I nibble on a fresh picked raspberry as I dangle my toes above the creek. My body animal, the vessel that contains my Spirit, is being regenerated with the nutrients that make-up our world.

Fire, Water, Air and Earth work together to create form. There is intelligence within the Elemental world and we often forget that we are beholden to these Nature Beings for every experience we are granted here. Our relationship is one of dependence. If we continue to abuse the gifts They offer us, They may just decide that Their evolution would be better served without us. The Earth is alive and does not need us in order to exist. If we step up and do right by the Elemental Beings, then the co-creation of Heaven on Earth will be beneficial to the evolution of all.

Our physical being is made up of the elements of nature just as all life here is. It has an intelligence that keeps itself running smoothly without our conscious attentiveness ~ breathing, digesting, eliminating, and all the chemical processes involved happen efficiently and automatically. When we expose our body animal to the pure elements of nature, it more easily maintains a state of health. Yet, it is not eternal and will return to elemental form when no longer needed. We should be grateful for the usefulness it gives us ~ to experience the world of form we so enjoy.

Our mind and spirit are eternal, so transition to the ethereal planes of existence is inevitable, but we are here now for a purpose. The body will do as mind and Spirit command; so let us use our higher aspects to do good works in this world of form. By doing so we advance the state of our mind that brings us to a higher awareness of our true Spirit. Our Creator gave us free will. Somewhere along the way, we made some mistakes with our free will and have suffered consequences. But we can use our will to improve existence in this world and thereby return to the memory of our own perfection.

Let’s honor and respect our body animal and all aspects of the Elemental world. Take care of your physical being well so it can be of service in the glorious co-creative endeavors of the planet. Perhaps treat one part of nature as if it were your beloved pet ~ nurture, appreciate, and aid its development. Heaven on Earth is possible for us all! It’s the happy dream we all need so that when it is time to release our body to the elements from which it was formed, we can return to our Creator with a peaceful mind. Awareness of the Divine Beings we were created to be will then have us dancing in joy for a mission well completed.

Waves of Light

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