I place my newly published book, Waves of Light, on the beautiful altar I created. Crystals, feathers and other sacred objects are placed in an arrangement that feels energetically pleasing. My prayer is that this book be made known and available to anyone who would be informed, inspired or entertained by its messages. Then I send love out to the universe, knowing Spirit will handle things from here. If there is a course of action I need to take, I believe it will be made known to me one way or another. I am at peace.

It can be productive to envision how we might play out our lives socially, academically and vocationally. Strategizing to come up with a plan to make improvements towards a fulfilling life is important. But I also wonder if we haven’t gone overboard in our desire to have events and people be in our lives in particular ways. It has become very popular for people to try using a form of focused mind control ~ repeating wants in affirmation type dialog, making vision boards containing all the pictures of everything we desire in life, and writing lists containing the details to make life be a certain way. But if over done, it could end up being just a way to avoid enjoying our present moment in life. Maybe we should alter our perspective instead. Surrendering to what is and being open to paths we know nothing about may move us closer to peace than trying to constantly project ourselves into certain circumstances.

Our ego mind may be trying to trick us into unhappiness by seducing us to believe that other circumstances or people are the key to happiness. What if enjoyment can be found by changing our minds about what is right in front of us? Is this the real path to contentment? When our mind is at peace, inspiration may come to us giving us creative ideas containing the next steps to take in our lives. True creativity comes from our Spirit mind and this form of guidance will surely take us on the journey of learning and service best suited to our individuality. Instead of trying to lead our lives in the direction of our greatest fantasies which may be dictated from our ego, why not give those fantasies up to Spirit and let Her lead the way. Then we will trust in the wisdom given to us as it comes from a place of higher knowing. It will not come from our ego’s attempts to keep us believing that we must always be striving for more.

It is prudent to ask ourselves what our biggest dream for our life may be. And it’s beneficial to ask ourselves what our greatest contribution we can make to life is. It’s also important to ask ourselves if our fantasies have become an unhealthy escape from present day circumstances or a method to keep ourselves in a constant state of disappointment. If we are always saying “I can’t be happy because this or that isn’t happening for me,” then the ego has won the mind control game after all. To undo the ego voice, surrender to what is present and be open to what is possible. True vision is given to us by Spirit ~ the source of higher wisdom that guides all events in our lives if we choose to be shown the way. Let’s alter the practice of forcing ourselves to manifest what we would like to see happen, and instead place all desires on an altar to Spirit asking for inner peace and the highest good for all to manifest.

Every time I gaze at my altar, happiness bubbles up from within me. I absolutely love how my book turned out. I’m open to whatever Spirit would have me do from this point on concerning the publicity part of life. Regardless of outcomes, I continue to write because it brings me joy!

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