My cough is so deep that I do believe it’s trying to get the attention of my liver! In the form of energy healing known as Body Talk, it is said that the ego resides in the liver. Message coming through loud and clear!

So (as with any illness) in order to help myself heal quickly, I try to uncover what the underlying issues are. Through reflection, I conclude that my ego has been trying to mess with me now that my book is published. The social media and interview challenges haven’t proven too stressful; admittedly some of it has been fun. But those events did give plenty of ammo to my raucous ego voice that tells me I should be afraid of failure and success ~ yes she’s equally happy with either choice as long as fear rules!

Yet here is what my Guides told me in my personal Akashic Record reading:
Your role through many lifetimes has been to show people how to heal with gentle forms while helping them to uncover the sources of stress within their minds, so they can follow a path to Spirit awareness.

I guess I’ll view this cough as yet another opportunity to heal the healer. So, I pour hydrogen peroxide on my toothbrush, dab my wrist with the essential oil of Thieves, and shower myself in Reiki healing energy. Then I focus my attention to giving any and all ego thoughts over to Spirit ~ no matter how many times they try to sneak in. I know that healing my mind is the key to peace, and asking for help from Spirit world is the wise choice to make.

Crow states:
Long have we been associated with magic, alchemy and shape-shifting. We demonstrate that nothing is as it seems. Playing with form seems magical, but the truth is that thoughts make the reality you focus upon.


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