Healing Miracles

The early morning hours greet me with a moist and hazy sun. A deer watches me intently as I make my approach down the hill towards the creek. I’m very close, and still she holds my gaze. Standing still, realization dawns within my mind ~ there must be a fawn!

Mama crosses my path cautiously still looking into my eyes. A small, spotted fawn breaks through the tall grass in a hurry, almost running into the back legs of Mama. A second one sprints ahead of both, but does turn to give me the once-over. The younger twin has mischief written all over her, but we’re all in agreement that there is much to smile about.

Little miracles present themselves to us all the time, I think to myself. I am delighted to have this one be presented to me on the first day of summer. So much love fills me up that my whole body starts to hum. I’m convinced that whenever we allow ourselves to feel grateful for the little miracles in life, love comes rushing in. Love is the healing energy that can bring peace to our mind and emotions, even to the degree of healing the physical complaints we carry within the cells of our bodies.

Love is the secret ingredient in all cures, all forms of magic, and all alchemical changes within the energy field. It wipes away the madness within a sick heart and mind, forcing all that is false to scatter to the winds. Love returns us to our natural state of being.

I make a sacred vow to my deer friends to let this be the summer when I am open to miracles of all sizes. Let love be present within me now and every day forever more, I whisper to the wind. Let all who come near me feel this love emanating from me. Let healing be the everyday miracle for all of us no matter the seeming size of the need.

Here is my recommendation to help healing miracles enter your life. If you’re in pain of any kind (mental, emotional or physical) surrender it to Spirit ~ be it healing angels, deities, guides, your own high-self presence or by whatever name you call our Creator. If you feel guided to use a certain method or form to aid you such as medicine, crystals, energy work, surgery, etc. ~ then do so without judgment. Regardless of any use or absence of external activities, be open to receive the love that is the true source of healing. Breathe ~ let love come to you and through you ~ ask that only truth be revealed to your mind and heart and that all else fade away ~ be healed ~ be happy ~ be the love that you are in truth!

Healing Miracles

Light pouring through my eyes
I can see
Christ’s vision
Envelop me

Take my hand
Lead me home
I am not remote, alone

We are one
Though side by side
Flying now
Right through the sky 

Kissed and cuddled
And stripped right through
You knew all along
I’d come for you

Path to the creek in the gully
Path to the creek in the gully

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