Violet Flame

Purple Rain ~ Purple Flame

My husband and I meander through the farmer’s market on a cloudy, humid Saturday morning. I stop short rubbing two fingers to my sternum.

“What’s wrong?” Ed’s face scrunches up.

I point to an open stroller where a newborn lies. His naked arms and legs wave uncoordinated in the air. A sweet baby scent wafts out to me and I breathe deep.

“That baby makes my heart hurt,” I say.

My husband’s glance tells me he has already put that comment into his mystery file instead of engaging into a conversation that would lead to deeper waters.

Admittedly, I want him to probe the dialog so that I can sort out my complicated feelings that are percolating. My nest is empty and my only grandchild lives a plane ride away. I want someone to understand what I am feeling and commiserate with me.

That’s not happening, so now resentment toward my spouse is also stirring the emotional brew pot within my gut.

I start humming the Purple Rain song by Prince. Blessedly, I remember that I have a choice in how I want to handle my emotional state. I could begin ranting at Ed and hold him responsible for my feelings. Or I could acknowledge that I long for that human connection that happens spontaneously when only innocence flows between the pores ~ the ecstasy that occurs between a parent and a baby. That is the unconditional love we all crave that really comes from our beloved Creator. No human can possibly fill that requirement ~ except maybe the newly born.

But why the Purple Rain song you ask?

As an energy healer I have come to believe in the transmuting power of invoking the Violet Flame. It is a sacred purifying fire that can clear all negative thoughts, emotions, and the very physical debris that has accumulated in the cells of our bodies otherwise known as disease.

Our mind has influence over the physical processes of our body. Clearing negative thoughts and emotions literally puts us in a better state of health. No one need swallow their emotions or repress their thoughts. That just pushes things deeper into the subconscious where they fester into unhealthy physiological processes. And projecting our negativity onto others just reinforces it within our self. Instead, we can take responsibility for our own emotional state by acknowledging what we are feeling and thinking and then transmuting that energy into the ethers.

So when I’m not at peace, I hum the Purple Rain song and change the words to Purple Flame. This way I’m taking responsibility for my own negativity and I’m calling out for help from higher spiritual places at the same time.

As I hum my tune I imagine cuddling that baby. Smiling, I tingle from head to toe. No thoughts or emotions have the power to ruin this peaceful stroll through the farmer’s market. Ed’s eyes twinkle at me and I know that my joy is contagious. Some mysteries need no expression.

To invoke the Violet Flame
(Simplified Method)

  1. Acknowledge the desire to transmute negative energy into the power of Light and Love.
  2. Ask Beings in charge of the Flame to flood your feelings with the power of the Violet Flame. (St Germain and Archangel Zadkeil are the two main Beings involved ~ there are many others). Call to your own I Am Presence.
  3. Be grateful and willing to forgive anyone involved including your self.
  4. Accept the Violet Flame with joy. It is a very powerful transmuting beam of energy. Then stand aside emotionally and allow the Flame invoked to clear every negative thought, feeling and physical debris from your body and energy field.
  5. See and feel its positive effect. Give thanks!

In a pinch: hum the Purple Rain ~ Purple Flame song!!!

Violet Flame

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