May Ponder

Cloudy Days

It’s the clouds that most interest me today. They seem to be headed to places I know nothing about. I watch the geese take flight in groups from the shelter of the marina to open sky. I wonder if they notice how the clouds interspersed with powder-blue sky leave dark ghost-like shadows on the water.

Cloud shapes are very intriguing and capture my imagination. Is that a dog blowing me a kiss or has those lips just turned into the fiery breath of a dragon? Surely there is a purpose behind the movements, the formations. I decide to open the Akashic Records of Cloud and ask ~ do your shapes have a purpose?

It is fun to watch your projections of what you believe our shapes look like ~ we can play games with you this way. You may give meaning to the shapes. Is a dragon powerful? Yes. Is a kissing dog sweet? Yes ~ much fun. See the shape of an angel and maybe we are working with Spirit to give you a message. Pay attention! 

Someone once showed me a picture of two clouds that looked like an angel was leading a person upward into the heavens. She said the picture was taken by the husband of a woman who had looked up into the sky and immediately knew that her son had just died. Later it was verified that her son had been killed in a car accident during the time the picture was taken. She said it brought her great comfort to know that Spirit had sent her a sign that her son was in blessed hands as he journeyed from this world. The picture felt like proof to her that there is a loving continuation of life.

I look up at the clouds and see that a blanket of grey is now filling up the entire sky. I hope my geese friends make it to their destination before the deluge hits. Cloudy skies fill me with a sense that the mystical world is communing with us. Why not see clouds as a method of divination? Cloudy times impel us towards introspection. Soon the rains will let loose, bathing the lake with fresh resources. Cloudy days always pass ~ hopefully they leave us with sustenance and a little insight.Cloudy Days-2

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