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Trust Fund Baby

Travel the globe without a care in the world. Pursue any line of educational study without having to make it into a career move. See something pretty for yourself or someone you love and buy it. Oh, to be a trust fund baby ~ living life as fun and carefree as can be imagined!

Not happening? Well, there’s always the work hard or marry rich options. Nothing wrong with that, right? I chose the work hard means to get ahead.

While going to school full time to become a nurse, I took whatever low paying jobs came my way in order to pay the rent. Filled with anxiety over making ends meet, I ended up falling down a flight of cement stairs that shattered my coccyx. I guess, you could say, I literally worked my tail off! The mind/body connection behind the injury (I now realize) had a lot to do with survival fears.

Today there is a lot of talk about our young people having entitlement issues. Some run off to have a fun life without having a plan for living responsibly. People of all ages have been sinking into debt by choosing a lifestyle that’s above their means.

To be given whatever you desire without having to work for it may not be the route to building life skills or acquiring the appreciation for accomplishment that comes from struggle. Working insane hours to meet basic needs isn’t healthy either. I believe that there is a sweet spot in there somewhere ~ a balance between work and play that feels good to the soul.

Trust is the key. Getting comfortable with uncertainty while bravely moving forward on the path that is best suited to desires and talents may allow life to unfold in a natural way. Stress need not be a part of the journey.

Looking back, I can see that the government loans I needed to pay my tuition came on time, and that people showed up in my life when I needed extra help. Something bigger than me was there looking out for me all along. I could have enjoyed a simple lifestyle without being afraid all the time.

Now I know that ~ Spirit is my trust fund. Life can be lived with much joy at every stage along the way!

Let go of fear, follow your dreams, have fun that’s affordable, take the path that’s presented to you. We all can be trust fund babies!

Waves of Light

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