Who Ya Gonna Call?

A dusky sky pelts my fleece jacket with sharpened leaves compelling me to enter deeper into the woods. My feet are making a racket so it is my eyes that first detect a shadow figure skirting behind a tree. I become quiet while straining to use my other senses to discern who or what has joined me. Like a wolf, I put my snout in the air attempting to catch an animal scent. Damp woodsy odors are all that come to my useless nose. I breathe deeper, trying to engage in a clairsentience awareness so as to alert me to the possibilities. Nothing.

Here are my choices: Let my imagination run wild with scenes from The Shining, take out my cell phone and call Ghost Busters, or use the skills I’ve been taught as an energyworker to bring in divine protection.

I shower myself with light now, I silently tell the wind. Archangel Michael and Faith surround me with your loving protection, and guide my thoughts, words, and deeds.

A calmness embraces me and I slowly circle around that tree. Placing one hand on her bark, I send her a blessing of gratitude for all the wonderful service she provides to the world.

Here is a great truth ~ it is impossible to feel fear and love at the same time. So when you find yourself in a scary situation (whether threatened by man or beast or ghoul, or your own imagination) who ya gonna call? Loving Guidance and Divine Protection will always be there for us when we remember to ask for help.


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