Waves of Light

Show me the story ~ Show me the truth!

As he lies on my table with my hand resting on his solar plexus, I pause. Internally, I seek out the shadows, breaks in the flow of energy, or flashes of light ~ and I allow hints of images and feelings to come into my awareness. All are clues as to what story is being held within his body/mind.

My attention is being drawn to his liver area now. There is a build-up of anger there within his cells, and I take note of issues of abandonment. I say what I’m sensing out loud to bring it to his conscious awareness. As I do some gentle tapping at the top of his head and over his sternum he tells me about the father who left his family when he was a boy. I also notice an energy thread involving alcohol abuse that seems to go back into time over multiple generations. A wry smile forms on his lips as he mentions how he enjoys the bar scene from time to time. I inform him that the compulsion to over-indulge may lessen now that the issue has been disconnected energetically. “That would be nice,” he whispers.

We live in a world of form based on the stories we most believe in. To help someone uncover hidden beliefs stored within the cells of the body and subconscious mind (that are causing stress), I temporarily need to access the story in order to help release it.

I move to the top of his head placing my hands softly on his crown. A Reiki shower of unconditional love and light comes through me and flows down his entire body. Now I ask to see only the truth ~ show me the Spiritual Being of love and light that he was created to be! By seeing that light within him, I reinforce this truth regardless of the accumulated stories that were gathered along his human journey. This is how real healing takes place ~ see the love and light within another and know it is the same love and light that resides within all. The next time I see him, he tells me he feels better than he has in a long time.

As we enter this season of gratitude, my plan is to look for the truth within all human beings (not just the ones who are on my table receiving energy healing). I know I will still witness some dramatic behavior, as the world can appear full of strife at times. But, my intention is to see past the story and look for the truth. After all, the times in my life when I feel the most grateful, is when someone is looking at me with loving eyes.

I see the love and light in YOU ~ you know it’s TRUE!!!


Waves of Light


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