Unblocking the Light

Unblocking the Light

It hurts! Yet it will cut much deeper if not dealt with in a direct, honest, and present moment manner. We want to run away, plan a counter attack, or disguise it in a way that helps to deceive ourselves of its existence. But that won’t heal a painful situation ~ only forgiveness will.

True forgiveness does not shift the blame for how we feel onto another person. Surrendering our anguish to Spirit in a compassionate act for all involved is the hallmark of an advanced lightworker. By Spirit, I mean the part of us that is eternal ~ the part of us that is joined with our Creator and is much bigger than who we think we are in this little lifetime.

As French philosopher and Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin states, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Once we embrace this as truth, compassion awakens within us and flows through us to all persons involved in any altercation that crosses our path. We realize that our tormentor has temporarily forgotten that she too is a beautiful spirit of light who is deeply loved beyond this world. We ask our Spirit-self and those who guide us from a place of higher consciousness to help us fade the illusion of duality from our mind and unblock the light within.

Until we become a fully enlightened being here on Earth, all we need ever do is have the willingness to look for the light within another person ~ regardless of how dire the circumstances appear to be. This can be extremely challenging, but know that even if we temporarily are overcome with sadness, anger or fear, all is not lost. In calmer times, we can still call out to that which is bigger than us and ask for truth to replace all pain, hatred, vindictiveness or unrest within us. The quantum physics people say that all time is happening now, so we can always use this moment to unlock the past. We can clear our subconscious mind from old wounded patterns. That which seemingly took place without love can be dissolved now. Look for the light within others and feel it within yourself. All is forgiven ~ all is healed.

Moon tells us her function is to help us draw out the negative energies within us. Call upon her in the stillness of the night. She assures us ~ the highest truth is that only love is real, only love is life, only love creates. Love is the only real wave back to true essence.


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