Owl Feather

I lost my owl feather! Such a tiny, delicate wisp could easily have been carried away on an air current ~ or maybe my cats got to playing with it. Either way, it no longer is sitting on my altar amongst the other feathers. I look everywhere in the room for it, saddened that it’s missing, because I love the symbolism it represents of the mysterious owl energy.

I decide to visit the two owl friends that have been hanging out in the gully near my home. Maybe I can ask them where my feather flew off to. Taking the rugged mountain bike path through the woods, I slip in the wet mud and tumble down a small incline. Nothing hurts but my pride and I look up to see that the owls have witnessed the whole debacle.

They say to me ~ take it slower so that the mystery can hold you in Her arms and show you the other parts of life. 

It’s true that I have been spending too much time in my head lately trying to map out my life. There are certain areas I need to let unfold naturally by putting them under the direction of Higher Guidance. Breathing deep I become still in the moment using my inner senses to merge me into the elements that are all around me. I stay embraced in nature until I feel saturated with love. Then I go home. My owl feather is in its place on my altar.

Again I hear the voice of Owl ~ remember who you are ~ Spirit temporarily embodied.

Gully Owls
My two gully owl friends!

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