Rose Quartz ~ Advanced Lightworker

Rose Quartz crystals are conductors of high frequency love waves. Light flows through them shining away all that is dense and false. The hallmark of an advanced lightworker is the willingness to see and be just like Rose Quartz.

Here are some of Rose Quartz’ messages:

We conduct energy to help raise vibrational frequencies to the level of unconditional love. The pure love vibration is from the fifth dimension, which the Earth plane is in the process of ascending too. We work with lightworkers when requested to bring in this lighter vibration.

An advanced lightworker is someone who strives to remember that all people have higher, more spiritual, aspects of themselves even when they are behaving badly at times. Looking only for the light within another, we can choose to be only a force for love ~ just like Rose Quartz.

She also tells us:

When many people stay in this vibrational pattern, the energy that then moves through them helps all life forms on Earth. Like Crystal you become a conductor of high frequency love waves. This loves inspires correct action for taking better care of others; be it air, lake, plant, bird, animal and so on.

Be like Rose Quartz and be the conductor of high frequency love waves that is your natural divinity ~ see that same attribute within all others ~ witness the Earth healing ~ you are an advanced lightworker!

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz ~ Advanced Lightworker