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Shine On ~ Best Ways to Stay Bright for the Holidays

Among the bustle of holiday parties and family get-togethers, a low hum of anxiety may surface at times. Deep within the caverns of our subconscious mind, sharp pointy memories may try to poke at us when someone says or does something to trigger uncomfortable recollections.

The good news is that, our light ~ the connection to the brightest part of us ~ also resides in that deep subconscious place. No matter what, our Spirit Self cannot be snuffed out! Let yourself sense this eternal aspect of your Being. Love will flow to you and through you. Give all uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to Her or Him right away. Your joy will be contagious! Now that’s a true gift.

*If someone wants to remind you of mistakes you’ve made ~ Shine On

*If someone tries to cover your light by slinging rude remarks ~ Shine On

*If someone decides your light is too bright and they become jealous ~ Shine On

*If someone doesn’t like the color of your light ~ Shine On

*If someone is afraid your light will require them to change ~ Shine On

*If someone laughs at your light or tries to humiliate you in anyway ~ Shine On

*If someone tries to manipulate your light to do their bidding ~ Shine On

*If someone tries to steal your light because they are hurting and believe they don’t have enough of their own ~ Shine On with generosity!

If we were to abbreviate Shine On ~ it would be SO! So, let SO be your attitude this holiday season! No matter who pushes your buttons, make the choice to keep shining your bright beautiful Spirit! Maybe even add an extra bit of glitz and glitter for the holidays!

Waves and waves and waves of light and delight to you ~ Happy Holidays!

Caves SO for Holidays

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