Pterodactyl Cloud

Pterodactyl Attack ~ Imagining Worst Case Scenarios

My shuttle pulled up and a young man (maybe in his thirties) came out slowly and looked at me with an expression that is so hard to describe. It could have been mockery, or, maybe what I saw was a rebellious teenager in there trying to look devious. I knew something was off, so I proceeded to be pleasant without over doing it.

His Middle Eastern accent was thick, so the first few times he asked me a question, I had no idea what he said. Not wanting to antagonize him by having him repeat himself, I simple responded as if he were asking me to confirm where I was headed. I said, “Dallas Love Field,” and then, “Southwest airlines.” Then I commented on what a beautiful day it was and he responded without the accent. Hmm.

After we got underway, he turned on a newscast that was blaringly loud. It was giving a continual report on the atrocities of crimes that were committed against Islam. Obviously, he wanted me to feel afraid.

I admit, my ego mind did jump to thoughts such as: he took a really long time putting my luggage in the back of the van ~ maybe he put a bomb in there, and, how loud does sound need to get before it turns into a sonic attack like what happened in Cuba.

Whenever I’m afraid, I call to Archangel Michael to ask for protection, so I proceeded to do so. Then I tried to listen to inner guidance to get a sense of whether I was really in danger or if there was any course of action to take. The thoughts that were given to me from Guidance helped me to see a man who had been a victim of racial prejudice, probably most of his adult life, ever since the 911 incident. Just like a lot of people, he was just trying to heal himself by passing the fear along to others. That, of course, doesn’t work, it just reinforced his pain.

So I surrendered my Pterodactyl Attack fear thoughts, and decided to channel loving, healing Reiki energy to him instead. After all, it’s impossible to feel both love and fear at the same time.

I’ve defined a Pterodactyl Attack as something our own mind does to blow up our fear thoughts to gigantic proportions based on imagining worst-case scenarios.

The night before I was to travel home from Dallas, I had taken pictures of a beautiful sunset. However, there was this one cloud that looked like a Pterodactyl (flying reptile) straight out of the Jurassic Park movie that was hovering toward the setting sun. Not a great omen. But in truth, Pterodactyls were only the size of large birds, such a hawks and eagles. Also, the larger pterosaurs (Pteranodons and Azhdarchids with wing spans of up to 12 feet and 39 feet respectively) were toothless and mostly thought to eat fish. Ha ~ not really all that scary!

We stopped halfway to the airport and picked up a black woman and her teenage son. When the van started moving again, the newscast changed and blasted us with information about the injustices aimed at black people. At one point, I looked over my shoulder and caught the eye of the mom. She looked at me with warmth and compassion. If her glance could have given me words, it would have said: I too know what he’s up to and I am sending love.

Any remaining fear that may have been lingering in that van evaporated. Her son was fortunate to have big headphones covering his ears and his sweatshirt hood drawn over his head. In his own way, he protected himself from being forced to participate in any way.

Waiting to board my plane at the airport an email showed up on my phone asking me to rate my shuttle experience. I ignored it. I didn’t want my driver to twist whatever words I put down (which spoke the truth of my experience) to turn into his own Pterodactyl Attack in an attempt to justify (to his own mind) that all white people are racist. Whenever I think of him, I send love.

Pterodactyl Cloud

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