Lighthouse with sun rising

Sun Smile ~ The Planet is Healing

On a cloudy morning, I take a slow walk to the harbor. There is colorful chalk graffiti lining a stone wall that leads to my favorite coffee shop. Words of inspiration are scrolled in beautiful calligraphy along with pictures of hearts, flowers and other designs. The word, smile, stands out for me as it is written in bold pink loops.

However, that is what I am not seeing on the faces that pass me by from the other side of the walkway. I know that the smiles are there anyway, as there is a lilt in the voices of greetings. However, mouths and noses are covered in scarves and surgical type masks. Without hearing the lyrical tones in the voices, it would be like walking through a scene in one of the zombie movies that are so popular.

I reminisce about how on a typical Friday, I would be walking to meet with my A Course in Miracles study group. I miss my friends and the stimulating spiritual discussions we partake in. With the ‘safer at home’ restrictions in play, no restaurants are open to sitting customers. So, I order my delicious egg and avocado sandwich from the walk-up window at the Java Dock Café and take it to eat while sitting on a bench overlooking the lighthouse.

My favorite quote by Anne Lamott comes to mind. Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save ~ they just stand there shining. Perhaps that is what the human species needs to do most right now! With less human activity, the environment is being given a chance to recuperate and humans are being given the time to reflect.

Above the horizon, a blanket of grey sky parts for the bright yellow sun that seems to turn upward at one corner. Ah, even father sky is attempting to grin at me today. The vibrancy of color that pokes through is beautiful. I decide to connect with the essence of Sun.

Dear Sun, what would you most like us to know?

I love the Earth and all her creatures! Precious atmospheric conditions keep us in balance. Some are saying global warming is happening. I label it, global awakening. Tossing toxic carbons into the air and water is to destroy the protective balance. Catastrophic weather patterns have been highlighted, yet some heed not the warning. Now, microcosmic species invade to bring sick minds awareness of what is essential for survival for all. What value is there in the accumulation of material goods at the expense of destroying your soft green home?

Warm hearts and hands must take correct action for sustaining a simpler, more valued life for all. Burn away corruption and greed, and then feel my warm smile gently cast upon you. I am not intended to scorch, but to nurture Earth into the nirvana she is here to be.

The Earth will heal and my relationship to her will sustain the glorious paradise to be had when all are awakened.

A few days later I am awake before six in the morning. I decide to visit the lake in the hope to catch her being a canvas for a beautiful sunrise. I wait in a brisk wind. When the sun peeks through the clouds, I laugh out loud ~ the sun is smiling at me with brilliant white teeth and hot pink lipstick!

I embrace all that is happening as a global opportunity for humankind to take care of the planet, each other, and all species who live here. Now that’s something to smile about!

Lighthouse with the sun rising with a smile

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