24 Feb

The Learning Curse
~ I mean Curve

Often when I sit and ponder I like to jot ideas down on a note pad. Lately, I’ve been having what I like to term ~ techno issues. I knew there would be a learning curve involved when I was forced into using new technology, but I was startled when I looked down at the paper I was scribbling on and saw that I had written the words; learning curse. Yet that is exactly what I was feeling!

I’ll try to sum-up what happened: the software for my website malfunctioned due to new windows updates ~ I find out that the company that makes the software went out of business due to not being able to keep current with the updates ~ I learn how to uninstall the windows updates that crashed my software and my website becomes functional again ~ then the screen on my PC (which is less than three years old) falls apart while folding down the laptop screen~ I buy a new computer and I decide to go from a Window’s PC to an Apple since my software won’t work on the new Window’s PCs anyway ~ two days later I download malware that messes up my Apple ~ nice Apple-man teaches me how to uninstall malware ~ I learn how to use Apple properly to be able to maintain the new website that was set-up by my book publisher (which I find out uses on-line internet technology ~ no more desk-top software!) ~ I give Reiki to my old computer while gluing it together in order to maintain my old website ~ whew!

I know that I wasn’t really being cursed and just like most challenging situations it ultimately led me to my highest good. Hawk teaches us to fly above the situation in order to see the bigger picture. Now that I’m through the techno-trauma, I can see that all that I learned was a blessing. Even the mistakes I made helped me to know that there is always a way to get help. In fact, the mantra I kept saying to myself through the whole ordeal was; Stay calm ~ I know there is an answer to this problem; I just don’t know what it is yet. Eventually it all worked out and I now have the information I need to stay current. I do believe that it is important for me to keep up with the newest technology (no matter how intimidating the learning curve gets) in order to send messages out to the world. Now I can soar into the iclouds like a mighty hawk on the winds of my new MacBook Air!

Another blessing is that I can now post my Ponders on this new website blog and hear what you have to say about various issues too! My other website doesn’t have a blog feature. I would love to have you join me at anytime so we can share our stories and learn from each other. If you have any questions feel free to post those too.

About the Author

Written by Pen Augustin

Pen Augustin is author of Waves of Light and The Priestess Tale series. She is also founder of Lady of the Lake Holistic Health. Pen loves to give messages about how we can heal ourselves and bring balance to our beloved planet. Living near the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, she enjoys spending time in nature and communing with the local wildlife.

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