Lightworkers Course

Healthy Living ~ Lightworkers Course 


Guided imagery, thought provoking questions, and nature wisdom to assist you in clearing unwanted subconscious debris and for accessing the higher realms of existence.




I hold the belief that each one of us is a lightworker ~ a Spirit of Light ~ who can bring many blessings to this beloved planet we all live upon. Humanity is undergoing many transformations as the truth of who we are is being remembered now.

We each can bring healing to the world and all who live here by carrying out the mission we came here to do. Part of my soul purpose is to help others connect with the light they have within and lead fulfilling lives. So, I have created this four-part on-line course to assist you along your journey.

When you sign up for the course, you will receive access to each succeeding module over a four-week period ~ delivered to your email. Know that if you feel ready to move on to the next module before the week is up ~ there will be links provided that allows you to do so. You may visit the material as many times as you wish, at any time you choose. 

I’ll share with you the wisdom I received from various soul friends I communicated with while writing the book, Waves of Light. Guided imagery meditations will be included each week to help you acquire in-depth experience. You’ll be given helpful step-by-step guidelines along your path as you proceed. The cost of the course is $47 and can be purchased by credit or debit card at the end of this page.



The Four Modules


Week One: Vision ~ Here is where we learn the communication process that is born within stillness. It is through the development of our inner senses that much can be revealed from Spirit world. From that place of connection, we experience joy, and gifts and talents emerge in full consciousness. Forming a relationship with your High Self Spirit accelerates your journey through this Earth world.  

Week Two: Release ~ This is the stage of soul growth that requires you to shed all that blocks your path or stands in the way of your highest development. What do you need to leave behind in order to move forward in your life? Let go of negative emotions and situations from the past that impede your present day growth and happiness. Alchemical changes can occur in our lives as we heal our minds for it is our thoughts that create the reality we live in.  

Week Three: Forgiveness ~ In this juncture we bravely present the best we have to offer to the world. This is perhaps the most difficult step of all, for it requires being the Light Beings we are, regardless of how anyone else is behaving. Learning how to forgive others as a way of life takes practice and patience. Looking past the mistakes of others brings healing to all involved. Training our minds to think about what we can do to assist others instead of judging them is the high road we must travel to enter into the realm of the highest vibrations of unconditional love. This is how our world will heal and become the heaven we all desire. 

Week Four: Grateful Achievement ~ Humanity is in a state of transition in which we will grow our wings and fly. There are other realms within our universe that can be accessed and enjoyed. As we open to Spirit world, we may experience soul traveling to other dimensions of existence, if we so intend. Once we clear ourselves of our own negativity and become peaceful and open, the possibilities for soul growth are endless.



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