09 Apr

I wrote this book because I care deeply about what is happening environmentally to our planet and all who live here. When the polar vortex hit my hometown last winter I found myself driving up to the beautiful bluff area that overlooks Lake Michigan. I’ve always had a deep connection with the lake and wondered what it was like for her to be undergoing environmental challenges. So I asked her.

There is a way to access the soul records (Akashic Records) of all forms of life to gain information about what they are experiencing and what wisdom they have to share with us. The first message that came through from Lake Michigan seemed like a poem to me and also felt like a request to do more ~ to help give messages about healing ~ for ourselves and for the planet. So I let myself be open to connecting with different parts of nature throughout the year to see what they had to offer us. The messages seemed to be pointed toward helping us humans heal our minds and hearts so that we become better caretakers of the planet. Animals and other life forms are naturally in a state of peace (unless interfered with) and they can help us understand how to reach a state of balance here.

My own stories about healing practices blended in nicely with the information given. So I did get to write about mind/body/spirit health ~ which is dear to my heart and falls within my area of knowledge. Through past life exploration I’ve discovered that I have played out this role of healer and messenger many times. The title of Lady of the Lake has been given to many different people throughout the ages who carry out this role ~ of priestess or lightworker. I try to embody that essence as I carry out whatever healing work or messages I can bring to the public. We all have a part to play in this creating of heaven on Earth! My hope is that this book inspires you to participate in the joyful service most suited to your own gifts and life situation.

About the Author

Written by Pen Augustin

Pen Augustin is author of Waves of Light and The Priestess Tale series. She is also founder of Lady of the Lake Holistic Health. Pen loves to give messages about how we can heal ourselves and bring balance to our beloved planet. Living near the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, she enjoys spending time in nature and communing with the local wildlife.

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