22 Apr

Earth, Water, Air and Fire

Spin with me now

As we create our desire

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28 Mar

Wouldn’t it be the best time ever if we felt it was our moment in the sun? To feel warm and welcome and accepted just as we are (no matter our size, or skin tone, age, talents or personality quirks)? You know ~ just the pure happiness of being who we are!

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27 Feb

A deep craving

Pulsed through my heart

Be connected

In the simple places

In the dark

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01 Feb

Dogs are known to be loyal, protective, and good crusaders ~ especially when they have been made aware that an injustice has taken place. With so many humanitarian causes that need to be championed, it is likely to be a productive year.

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10 Jan

My teenage self would brood for hours locked in my bedroom. The lit candles casted shadows on the wall, and Simon and Garfunkel played softly in the backdrop. Feelings would rise like the tides and I rode the waves until they calmed.

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12 Dec

Among the bustle of holiday parties and family get-togethers, a low hum of anxiety may surface at times. Deep within the caverns of our subconscious mind, sharp pointy memories may try to poke at us when someone says or does something to trigger uncomfortable recollections.

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28 Nov

My grandfather flew with the German fighter squadron under the command of Baron von Richthofen ~ aka the Red Baron ~ in WWI. That’s right, the enemy Snoopy is always trying to take down. Yikes! The irony is that my grandfather was a Frenchman, born in Alsace (a region located on the eastern border of France). Throughout history the Germans have at times, occupied Alsace.

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07 Nov

My shuttle pulled up and a young man (maybe in his thirties) came out slowly and looked at me with an expression that is so hard to describe. It could have been mockery, or, maybe what I saw was a rebellious teenager in there trying to look devious. I knew something was off, so I proceeded to be pleasant without over doing it.

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23 Oct

If I were a real witch this is what I’d do ~ I’d cast a spell on you!


So that all your pain dissolved away like a marshmallow that fell into the fire

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29 Sep

I’m all for a conservation of time and space. So it bugs me that when we are referring to both males and females in a sentence, we say he or she, when including both genders. But, most people choose to shorten the sentence by leaving the she out entirely. I say, the dominant pronoun to be used in the name of word economy should be she.

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