13 Apr

Blood Moon Waning

The third of the lunar eclipse tetrad: a series of four consecutive total eclipses occurring at approximately six-month intervals has just passed us by. The final blood moon will be in October as the Earth’s shadow will fall across the Moon as Sun, Earth and Moon form a perfect alignment. A coppery glow will (for the last time in many years) light the sky as powerful energies build, bringing in higher consciousness for all.

This last week has been challenging for many people as this powerful full moon wanes. When I first connected with the Akashic Records of moon she told us:

It is important to know that my highest function is to help draw out negative energies so as to aid in the journey of bringing consciousness back to truth, back to the Creator. The highest truth is that only love is real, only love is life, only love creates. Love is the only real wave back to true essence.

When the Sun’s reflection spills upon me fully, I feel pulled to let go, to empty the subconscious debris. That which dwells in shadow is brought to full light. Suppressed thoughts and emotions surface. It is an opportunity to release those energies that no longer do, or never have, served our highest good. Those who deny they have issues create such a build-up of negative energy that it’s as if they go crazy. The emotions spill out in destructive ways for them.

My sacrum has literally been throbbing ever since the blood moon appeared ~ so I take this as a sign to enter into deep stillness ~ I send out a plea to all who guide me in the light to take this opportunity to remove anything within me that I am holding onto that is not beneficial. I feel a softness flowing through me and know that I am being showered in light. My sacrum pulses ~ energy is moving to release a blockage there. When I ask for conscious knowledge from my Guides and Higher Spirit as to what concept I need to let go of, I’m surprised to hear the words “victimization.” What comes to me is that I no longer am a victim of the past, present or future ~ I no longer want to be and I no longer need to be in order to see myself as innocent. This is the path to transcending duality ~ the innocent have no need to partake in the persecution/victim cycle.

I’ll leave this post with the wise words from Moon as she answers this question: When time no longer exists and we remember our Oneness with the Creator, will we still have individual identities?

I will still know myself as Moon essence and as part of God essence. You will know yourself as so much more than you now know yourself to be. I contain no fear of losing myself to oblivion and neither should anyone else. Loosening the grip of duality does not necessitate nonexistence, as the ego mind would hope you fear. Playing out power games on Earth puts humans in the position to fear the Creator. Many fear powerlessness or punishment. Yet it is in the giving up of duality, and the fear that it instills, that leads to true power: the power to create as Source does!

You ask about what is yet to come in the world if we head towards timelessness. You fear letting go. Surrendering all you think is valuable is in reality nothingness. I am here to assist in this shift in consciousness, in uncovering the false within you and letting it release, and in moving into truth. Truth is the existence of the state of joyful love and the creativity that then flourishes.

What do you need to let go of during this powerful transforming time on Earth? Ask Moon to help ~ She loves carrying out her service to the world!

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Written by Pen Augustin

Pen Augustin is author of Waves of Light and The Priestess Tale series. She is also founder of Lady of the Lake Holistic Health. Pen loves to give messages about how we can heal ourselves and bring balance to our beloved planet. Living near the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, she enjoys spending time in nature and communing with the local wildlife.

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